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The F28 Fault Code on Vaillant Boilers

The F28 fault code on a Vaillant boiler indicates a problem with the gas supply. The boiler has detected a flame, but does not receive sufficient gas to maintain it.

F28 is a fault code that can be caused by any of the following factors:

  • Issue with the gas supply: Make sure that the gas supply to the boiler is turned on and that the gas valve is open. The problem may be with the gas valve or the pressure of the gas if the gas supply is adequate.

  • The condensate pipe may become blocked, resulting in the boiler shutting down. Ensure that the condensate pipe is free of any blockages and remove them if necessary.

  • If the gas valve is faulty, it may need to be replaced. A qualified heating engineer can identify the problem and, if necessary to replace the gas valve.

  • Faulty PCB: The boiler control board is a printed circuit board (PCB). Error code F28 is just one of many problems that can occur if the PCB is incorrect. The problem will need to be identified by a qualified heating engineer, who may also need to replace the faulty PCB.

  • Problems with the ignition electrode:A faulty or dirty ignition electrode may not be able to ignite the gas. If necessary, the heating engineer can clean or replace the ignition electrode.

To identify and resolve any problems with your heating system, you should contact a gas safe registered engineer to diagnose and resolve any problems with your boiler, remember It is illegal for someone who is not Gas Safe register to work on gas appliances. Unsafe gas work can lead to a gas leak, fire, explosion and exposure to carbon monoxide.

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